Aaah! Zombies!! Review

Aaah! Zombies!! is an interesting film because it firmly sits outside of popular genre conventions. Sure it’s a zombie film at it’s core but it’s also a clever and original take on a sub genre that’s quickly running out of ideas.

The film begins with a group of friends working and hanging out at a small town bowling alley. The rebellious wild one decides putting beer into the soft serve ice cream maker is a great idea. Little does he realize his beer has been infected with a noxious green substance ala trioxin 245 from Return of the Living Dead. The whole gang suck back on their delicious green ice creams and immediately drop dead. Once they come to, they appear to each other as living breathing humans but to the outside world appear as shambling undead ghouls. This is brought to life by a creative film-making style that has all scenes of the gang in full color looking and acting like normal human beings to each other and undead ghouls groaning and shambling along in black and white to everyone else.

This realization takes a long time to come to fruition as self awareness is not one of the groups strong points. The entire scenario creates a unique and often humorous film that I enjoyed and wholeheartedly recommend to those seeking a different horror comedy that isn’t the usual run of the mill zombie flick. Of the horror films I’ve seen on Netflix thus far, I think this one has been the best.

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