Chronicle Review

Our Hero Andrew Detmer is a typical awkward unpopular teenager who is faced with even more problems driving his emotions than most. Andrew’s dad is an abusive raging alcoholic and his mother is terminally ill. In an attempt to make sense of things and build evidence against his father, Andrew buys a camcorder to capture all events that follow in this “found footage” effort. Not only does this camera bring unwanted attention to regularly bullied Andrew, but it becomes the last straw in strange behaviour for his concerned cousin Matt who decides he should finally take his young cousin under his wing and introduce him to what’s considered normal teenage fun. Matt tries to convince Andrew to leave his camera behind as they approach a huge party showing both concern for Andrew and his prized possession, but Andrew has simply became too obsessed with his new hobby to care about either. After grazing over a dancing girl for too long Andrew finds himself confronted by an angry boy friend, played by the token douche bag who’s eager to throw down with someone much younger. After getting slapped upside the head Andrew retreats outside the party to be alone with the mass of emotions taking him over. Andrew is living his weakest moment and knows it until he is approached by the most popular guy in school, Steve, who ushers Andrew to his feet to film something unbelievable in the woods. Matt’s excited shouts begin echoing through the woods as they approach a strange hole in a small clearing blasting strange vibrations of sound over the ground. With thoughts of a once in a life time adventure in front of them the three jump into the hole following a tunnel to a strange, vein covered, crystallized rock formation that emanates an unknown power distorting the camera till we are left in complete darkness.

This is where the insanity begins, our friends have just started down a road to discovery of real life super powers. The three become an inseperable brotherhood manipulating the world around them to expand their abilities as they learn they can expand their abilities like a real life jedi. At first the group goes out on a mission to fuck with people’s minds for shits and giggles, but the situation gets serious as Andrew’s anger is effecting his intentions. After Andrew causes a truck to steer through a barrier into a lake Matt comes up with rules to follow in order to protect the group from themselves. The rules only last for so long and as the powers become greater the group begin to attempt to use them for personal gain, particularly with the ladies.

After an embarrassing rejection Andrew embraces the negativity in his life believing he has evolved past everyone causing the hurt and decides to show the world just who they have been messing with. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that Andrew is a bad-ass live action equivilent to the popular anime Tetsuo. I have very few complaints with this film and they all fall into categories that really sit on people’s preference of story telling. Simply I sympathized enough with the character to get behind him even at his most psychotic state, any evil deed he wasn’t able to full fill left me hungry. Chronicle is an amazing mostly original entry in the found footage sub genre that truly displays how far a film maker can push limits given modern technology. The clever moment of using footage from multiple sources was also a nice touch and quite believable given now nearly everyone has the ability to record events instantly.

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