Post Traumatic Symphony

War is the number one thing on everyone’s mind in November. Here in Canada we have been conditioned since kindergarten to mourn our fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom many years ago. We are constantly reminded of the glory, and sacrifice that comes with war, but have only recently been educated by mainstream documentaries of the things that haunt the minds of those surviving who participate. Nothing can capture emotion quite like music, and many artists have taken the opportunity since 9/11 to display what maybe lurking in the damaged recesses of a post traumatic mind.

Kataklysm: Crippled, and Broken
Following in the footsteps of almost every band after the controversy of 9/11 broke worldwide was Kataklysm’s album ‘In the Arms of Devastation’. The release from beginning to end sounds like a battle taken from different perspectives of war. Crippled, and Broken is perhaps the most haunting track which tells the story a tortured mind in agony replaying over what produced the pathetic, helpless form who stares back at him from the mirror everyday.

“I hear a million voices, their screaming through my head,
messages of death that I could understand,
they reek intimidation, they reek retribution,
the time has come for you to defy your enemy,
I saw you come from miles away, one by one I saw you fade away,
theres no chance in one man’s fear
the damage’s done, your strength’s undone
Crippled, and broken, there’s no one left to die
Crippled and broken…”

The most hated band in the world the Insane Clown Posse also explored the subject in the 2007 release “The Tempest”. Violent J put his expert storytelling abilities to work once again in “The Tower”. The ‘Deadbody Man’ places himself in the shoes of a sniper who is suffering from the disorder, and feels abandoned by the country he helped protect.

“I’m dizzy walkin outta Larry’s army wear used,
with some black leather shoes, and desert BDU’s,
many boxes of ammo, I got the camo facepaint,
Barricaded the tower doors, safe this place aint,
Up to the top I can see the whole planet it would seem,
The sun is beatin on my head as I’m livin my horror dream,
Up-chucked a couple times, then I finally took aim,
A man is chattin on his cell phone I spattered his brain…..

….And it was hot that day (Someone’s in the tower)
So fuckin high (shooting from the tower)
And it was hot that day (someone’s in the tower)
So fuckin high…..

…..The world aint never been my friend, and never pretended to be
I fought in two wars, my country left me poor, and sick,
leg missin, agent orange, and an un-usable dick
So as I reload my trigger finger’s frozen cold
from squeezin so hard my reason is no control…”

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