Father’s Day Movie Review


Troma returns to select silver screens this year with their release of Astron-6 Video International's highly anticipated Father's Day. To bring you up … [Read more...]

Lovecraft Disciples Rejoice, Orion Books Release Commemorative Editions of His Work


Orion Books a U.K. company has released a compilation of H.P. Lovecraft stories in a two volume series. The books resemble old bibles similar to the … [Read more...]

31 Days of Horror: Theatre of Blood


Theatre of blood is the tale of frustrated stage actor and Shakespeare fanatic, Edward Lionheart's (Vincent Price) , bloody vengeance against the … [Read more...]

Alligator Movie Review


Godzmassacre: Author & Reviewer, Death Rapper, Resident Movie Junkie Directed By: Lewis Teague Written By: John Sales, Frank Ray … [Read more...]

“Thirty One Days of Horror” Challenge: Day 13

Godzmassacre: "Flesh for Frankenstein" This is a Frankenstein story unlike any you have seen before. Udo Kier plays the role of Baron Frankenstein, a … [Read more...]

Santo and Blue Demon v.s. Dracula and The Wolfman Movie Review

The Story: Santo and his girlfriend Lina go to visit her uncle, Professor Cristaldi, who is later kidnapped by Eric (a descendant of Dracula's … [Read more...]

The Boneyard Movie Review

A couple of cops and a psychic lady visit a morgue to ID some bodies and see if the psychic lady can gather any leads.  The morgue is placed under an … [Read more...]