Screamers Movie Review

The Story: The year is 2078, Col. Hendrickson is in charge of the few soldiers who have survived decades of political turmoil on the mining planet … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Black Ops: Combat Training – Gunship Killstreak on Radiation (HD)

I made this video for you guys last night to show you the coolest killstreak in this year's CoD. It's the Helicopter Gunship. It's obtained at the 11 … [Read more...]

Red Sands Movie Review

The Story: The film begins with SPC Jeff Keller (Shane West) seated at a table delivering a field report to an officer concerning the number of … [Read more...]

Buried Movie Review

The Story: Ryan Reynolds stars as Paul Conroy a truck driver contracted to work in Iraq. After his convoy is ambushed by terrorists Paul awakens and … [Read more...]

The Devil’s Tomb Movie Review

The Story: An elite group of soldiers lead by Mack (Cuba Gooding Jr.) are given orders to extract a scientist (Ron Perlman) who is working at an … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Black Ops: Domination on Jungle (HD) Gameplay Video

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Platoon Movie Review

Director: Oliver Stone Writer: Oliver Stone Stars: Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe … [Read more...]

Rampage Movie Review

Story Bill Williamson is a young man who is mad at the world. He feels ripped off, under-appreciated, invisible and insignificant. Oh and his … [Read more...]

Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies Level “Five” Gameplay Video

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Post Traumatic Symphony

War is the number one thing on everyone's mind in November. Here in Canada we have been conditioned since kindergarten to mourn our fallen soldiers … [Read more...]