Salem’s Lot (1975) Book Review

Salem's Lot

Salem’s Lot is the only book I’ve ever read that has truly scared me. Published in 1975, I read it when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old and I could not … [Read more...]

Rainy Season (1992) Book Review


Rainy Season is a short story found in the collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King.  The story begins with a young couple, John and … [Read more...]

31 Days of Horror: The Mangler


A massive laundry enterprise hangs the staff out to dry with the worst working conditions imaginable and a family's dark pact with a satanic piece of … [Read more...]

“Thirty One Days of Horror” Challenge: Day 12

Godzmassacre: "Stephen King's Graveyard Shift" "RATS"!!! We just can't seem to get away from these goddamn rodents in this challenge. First was the … [Read more...]