Mantis in Black Lace: Short Film Review

mantis in black lace

A lot of buzz has been going on in the city where I live about Mantis in Black Lace, which isn't surprising considering the man who brings us this … [Read more...]

Hack Job Movie Review

hack job poster

Hack Job is a guerrilla film-making experiment in the Horror Anthology sub-genre.  The feature stars writer and director James Balsamo and Michael … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Movie Review


Troma returns to select silver screens this year with their release of Astron-6 Video International's highly anticipated Father's Day. To bring you up … [Read more...]

Troma: Official Father’s Day Trailer


Source: Troma's YouTube Channel … [Read more...]

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV Movie Review

The Story: A dimensional tear caused by an explosion at the Tromaville School For The Very Special causes Toxie (The worlds only hideously deformed … [Read more...]