“Thirty One Days of Horror” Challenge: Day 12

Godzmassacre: “Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift”
“RATS”!!! We just can’t seem to get away from these goddamn rodents in this challenge. First was the ultra low budget, bad VHS transfer of Ratman, and now this rat infested monstrosity based off a short story by the usual master of the macabre Stephen King.

The story involves a group whose hired to clean out an old rotted factory being terrorized by rats, but in the musty darkness a much worse adversary is waiting for it’s moment to strike. The most notable performances come from Brad Douriff, and Andrew Divoff (Chucky, and the Wishmaster), but even their roles are far from the quality of their other work.

The movie focuses more on the relationships between the workers cleaning the mill, and not much screen time is devoted to the much more interesting team of rats, and the giant bat. The bat is a grotesque puppet that is unfortunately M.I.A. until the last few moments of the film. A few people get eaten alive, but it’s too few and far between to warrant a second viewing. The bat creature did satisfy me enough to keep the movie from being an entire waste, and looks grossly impressive when filmed in that environment.

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