Syndicate Coop Demo Thoughts

Business is War

Well the new Syndicate game is coming out on the 21st of this month and to get everyone excited they’ve dropped a demo on XBL and PSN.

I downloaded the demo last night and played through two rounds so I haven’t put much time into it but so far it seems interesting. You pick a class and join a game and your into the action, no tutorial on what to do or how to do it. I hadn’t read much about the coop and went in blind, not sure what to expect.

I picked the support class pretty much because of the sniper rifle and got started playing. As the game loads you get a mission briefing, the only mission in the demo is set in Western Europe, our job was to break into an enemy syndicates compound, retrieve the location of another compound and take out a high ranking target, all pretty straight forward objectives.

The game finishes loading and we all pile out of the APC we start in and get down to business, the controls are very much typical FPS genre fare, left trigger fires right trigger scopes in, click the left analog stick to run, etc so it felt pretty natural to start with (I’m playing on an Xbox 360). There is a lot of heads up display information to take in at first brush which can be a bit over whelming but it quickly started to make sense. The place where it started to stand out from a regular old FPS is what Starbreeze the developer is calling ‘Breaching’ basically hacking on the fly. You breach your teammates to refill their health, you breach thrown grenades to disable them, you breach an enemies armor to make them easier to kill, you breach doorways to open them, skylights, control stations for gun turrets, if it’s got a computer in it you can breach it.

This feature adds a twist to what could other wise just be another same old FPS.

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