The Reapers Invasion of Earth Underway

Not content to rest on their laurels, BioWare have again created an amazing viral marketing campaign. As Orson Wells War of the Worlds created panic way back in 1938 via the radio, Edmonton based Video Game Developer BioWare have created an internet frenzy today surrounding the launch of their highly anticipated title Mass Effect 3.

Twitter account @AllianceNewsNet is running abuzz with tweets from all over the world citing accounts of the reapers invasion of earth, currently in progress. Alliance News Net is the fictional news agency reporting on the Mass Effect events in the games. Go on Twitter right now and search for #solcomms which should be trending worldwide any minute now. Kudos to the team at BioWare for thinking outside of the box in both video game development, design and social media based marketing. Proud to be from Edmonton today I am!

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