The Collector Movie Review

The Story:

Home Alone meets SAW

After leaving a home where he has been contracted to work on renovations, Arkin goes to pay his ex-wife Lisa the money he owes for child support. Noticing he is a little short, Lisa has a melt down revealing she owes some extremely dangerous people a lot of money. Arkin then meets with one of the men hoping to work out a deal, and decides to return to the house to steal some of their wealth. Arkin feels as though the job should be a cake walk, as the family was supposed to leave on vacation earlier in the day. After making his way to the bedroom safe, Arkin begins hearing noises as ‘The Collector’ creeps through the darkness. SAW meets Home Alone perfectly defines The Collector, well it would if either franchise had the great parade of TNA on tap like ‘The Collector’ does. The film was shot as a side project from the team responsible for the last half of the SAW series, now that they have put the final nail in Jigsaw’s coffin we can only hope that ‘The Collector’ is given the same 6 sequel treatment!


The movie is a carnival of carnage! You will have a huge amount of fun watching people die, and never know where it’s going to come from. There are literally traps everywhere within this dark house.

Final Headcount:

After the first ‘ho-hum’ 20 minutes of setting up the story, ‘The Collector’ had us hooked in it’s traps. It’s not often I see a character that I think can maintain a franchise, but with ‘The Collector’ it must happen!

Four and a Half Heads

"4.5 out of 5"

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